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Where exactly is Krefeld and how far is it to the sea? Find out with our Virtual Flying Tour RUNDFLUG2GO around the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region. Just keep scrolling!


With a population of 83 million, what country ranks 17th in the world in terms of inhabitants? And has a total area of 357,000 km2, smaller than California but larger than the Great Barrier Reef? Right, the Federal Republic of Germany! Incidentally, our green homeland is known for far more than just cuckoo clocks, wheat beer and Ludwig van Beethoven. For example, stable, family-owned businesses and innovative manufacturing.


Krefeld is located in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW – Nordrhein-Westfalen), the most populous of all 16 federal states. Did you know that the distance from NRW’s easternmost point in Höxter to the westernmost point in the municipality of Selfkant is exactly 266 kilometres? Or that Nena comes from the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Hagen and Michael Schumacher from Hürth, near Cologne? NRW has a lot to offer.


Krefeld is located on the beautiful Lower Rhine surrounded by Duisburg, Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach and borders the Netherlands. Ever eaten “Rievkochen” (grated potato fritters)? Or seen the “Zoc” carnival parade? No? Well then it’s time you did! The Lower Rhine is particularly known for Karneval, German Mardi Gras celebrations, and the traditional festivals of the Schützenverein marksman’s clubs. If you prefer something more high-brow, there is a large, nationally recognised theatre scene.


Krefeld – the velvet and silk city. Yes, that’s right, Krefeld was home to many great silk weavers in the 18th century and well-known beyond Germany’s borders for its flourishing textile industry. Even today, it’s not just Meister Ponzelar, the silk weaver’s monument on Südwall, that commemorates the city’s heyday: numerous textile companies still manage their businesses from Krefeld today. What’s more, you can study textile design here…

Krefeld am Rhein

The district of Uerdingen lies directly on the Rhine. The location is not only ideal for many companies logistics-wise, but also for those who like to be on the water in their free time. With a length of 865 km in Germany, the Rhine is the longest German river and the riverbanks in Krefeld Uerdingen are perfect for cycling, walking and relaxing. However, because of the strong currents, swimming is not recommended.

Nah zum Düsseldorfer Flughafen

Düsseldorf Airport is only 20 km away from the centre of Krefeld and the fastest way to reach the terminals from the southern district of Fischeln is via the A44 motorway. Its proximity is perfect not only for commuters and professional frequent flyers, but also every travel lover. Airplane spotters will also get their money’s worth at Düsseldorf Airport: from the airport terrace on the roof of Terminal B, you can watch the steel birds arrive and depart.


Did you know that large and international chemical, stainless steel, metal processing and mechanical engineering manufacturers generate more than 40% of their gross value added in Krefeld? In addition, there are numerous innovative medium-sized companies that are often world leaders in their chosen market. In other words, there are many exciting sectors and attractive employers in the city of 233,500 inhabitants.


The town of Venlo is located on the Dutch border and is just under 40 km from the centre of Krefeld. Venlo is excellent for shopping and attracts many German visitors thanks to Sunday opening, weekly markets and cross-border offers. The Stadthuis town hall and the magnificent Martinuskerk church in the Dutch city are also well worth a visit. And why not top off your day with a delicious Frikandel sausage!

Nah am Meer

Just get out and feel sand between your toes! No problem from Krefeld, because the city on the Lower Rhine is only about 250 km or 2 ½ hour’s drive from the beach and the sea. Head for Zandvoort, Bergen an Zee or Scheveningen: The Dutch coastal towns are perfect for a short break to rest and recuperate. In addition to the sound of the sea and the cool breeze, each town boasts great cafés and restaurants, which create the perfect holiday feeling.


Krefeld – industrial city in the countryside. Even the silk barons knew that only a well-rested workforce would make money. So they created parks through which the silk weaving families could walk during their Sunday off. These green oases still characterise Krefeld and encourage Krefelders to while away the hours. What’s more, with a great arts and cultural scene, events, sports and recreational facilities, you can have an excellent time here. Why not find out for yourself?