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Life in Krefeld is far from mundane. The city and region have a lot to offer when it comes to after-work activities, weekend leisure time or your next daytrip. Why? Because Krefeld is so convenient that, even if you’re used to a big city, you won’t get bored here. If you prefer to stay in the city centre, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy a vibrant lifestyle. If that’s not enough, you can take advantage of the attractions of nearby cities such as Düsseldorf, Essen or Cologne. Sports enthusiasts and culture lovers are particularly well served in Krefeld. Due to its high quality of life, the medium-sized city is especially popular with families – but also offers plenty of opportunities for a beer after work with your favourite colleagues. The range of varied restaurants and trendy cafés in and outside the city centre has continued to grow in recent years.

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Relaxed city vibe on the Lower Rhine

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Art and Culture

Bunte Vielfalt einer lebendigen Kulturszene

The wide-ranging cultural scene has something for both young and old with an outstanding mix of art, music, dance, drama and literature. With public event programmes such as “Kultur findet Stadt(t)”, the beauty and diversity of the arts is on show once a year to anyone visiting the city centre. Krefeld’s art museums, Burg Linn castle and the stages of the Krefeld Mönchengladbach Theatre are among the most famous cultural sites in Krefeld. In addition to 14,000 contemporary works of art, temporary exhibitions and high-calibre seasons of drama, musical theatre and ballet, Krefeld also has plenty of room for small cultural venues and extraordinary event formats. For example, monthly Poetry Slams are currently very popular and take place at Café Max and Moritz, Jules Papp and several other venues.

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Eine Stadt in Bewegung

Sport’s lovers will feel at home in Krefeld. As an enthusiastic, recreational athlete, you can join like-minded people in any of the more than 164 sports clubs. In total, Krefeld sports clubs boast more than 65,000 members. The variety of activities on offer, including water sports on the lake at Elfrather See, is partly due to the city’s backdrop of forest, meadows and water. Krefeld also plays a leading role in several competitive sports. Whether in handball, field hockey, rowing or cheerleading – the city has already spawned many winners who have attained National League, World Championship or Olympic success. And as a spectator, you can experience an unforgettable stadium atmosphere while watching Krefeld Penguin’s ice hockey derby games at the Yayla Arena or KFC Uerdingen’s football matches in the Grotenburg Stadium.

Stadtsportbund Krefeld’s sports club list

Eating out

Gut Essen und Trinken

The choice of cuisine in Krefeld ranges from Lower Rhine specialties in a rustic brewhouse ambience to topflight French dishes with a view of the Rhine. Add to that many hidden gems for international cuisine, as well as popular spots for vegan or vegetarian cuisine. Particularly in the inner-city areas, secluded little cafés offering quirky menus are ideal for long chats with friends. As a reliable staple for good food in a relaxed atmosphere, the Großmarkt wholesale market on the outskirts of the city centre is renowned for its popular food selection. On nights out, Krefeld pubs and restaurants like to serve locally-brewed dark Altbier or blond Pils – brewing has a long tradition in the city.

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City centre

Frischer Wind in der Innenstadt

New construction and renovations are currently creating a breath of fresh air and a sense of optimism in the city centre. You won’t find a large shopping centre here, but instead a variety of boutiques, specialty shops and department stores are just a short walking distance from each other. Here, you can take a relaxing stroll after work or on the weekend and watch Krefelders up close. You’ll discover well-known chain stores when shopping on Rheinstraße. On the covered Königstraße and side streets nearby, there are smaller boutiques and real hidden gems such as the Krefeld city market. If you need even more choice, it’s easy: From the Rheinstraße stop at Ostwall you can be whisked away on the U76 tram directly to the centre of Düsseldorf.


Rheinische Lebensfreude trifft Tradition

You will find the typical zest for life on the Lower Rhine extends all year round. In Krefeld, a colourful and exciting program tempts families and the curious off the couch into the city and other exciting locations. The list ranges from new attractions such as the Rhineside Gallery in Uerdingen to traditional visitor highlights such as the Medieval Flax Market around Burg Linn castle. In the warm Summer months, the Stadtwald park regularly attracts fans and thrill seekers to horseracing on the historic racecourse. And, of course, Karneval, German Mardi Gras celebrations, must not be missed in the Rhineland. Here in Krefeld, the whole town goes wild once a year, with dressed up as old women and Jesters celebrating on the streets.

City of Krefeld’s events calendar


Durchatmen am grünen Niederrhein

Just want to get out in the fresh air and take a deep breath? You can do this in Krefeld, for example, in the large nature reserve at Hülser Bruch marshes. Even though a southern German would think it laughable, we’re proud of the dizzy heights you can reach on the Lower Rhine: the Hülser Berg mountain is 63 m and therefore the highest natural elevation in Krefeld – the area around it is a mecca for local joggers and mountain bikers. Further north, the area around the Egelsberg mountain offers a green escape for walking and cycling. Or in good weather, visit the local airfield to try gliding or flying. Water sports enthusiasts or those looking to spend some time near water will get their money’s worth at the lake at Elfrather See with its adjoining recreational park. Dog owners meet on the other side of the lake in the large open area right on the water. The Krefeld Zoo in Bockum also showcases a great deal of the natural world. Here, families and animal lovers from the region can observe about 1,000 animals in their enclosures.


Krefeld findet die goldene Mitte zwischen Groß- und Kleinstadt.
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Your questions

Bekommen Familien in Krefeld Vergünstigungen?

Yes, all families in the city can enjoy exclusive discounts. In order to make use of the more than 250 exclusive offers, Krefeld families can apply for the Familienkarte family ticket in the city’s Bürgerbüro advice centres.

Wie lange bin ich in nach Düsseldorf, Essen und Köln unterwegs?

In rush hour, public transport is the best and quickest option if you want to go to the city centres. The fastest connections between main stations (Hbf – Hauptbahnhof): Krefeld → Düsseldorf (about 25 min), Krefeld → Essen (about 30 min), Krefeld → Cologne (about 40 min).

Wie teuer sind Tickets für öffentliche Verkehrsmittel?

Ob Gelegenheitsfahrer oder Berufspendler – über den Ticketberater findest du garantiert das passende Ticket. Zu den Preislisten geht es hier entlang: Preisübersicht für Einzel- und TagesTicketsPreisübersicht für Monatskarten. Über http://ratzfatz.swk.de (nur mobil) kann man ab sofort auch einfach mit dem Smartphone Tickets bezahlen.


Whether you’re an occasional passenger or regular commuter – the Ticketberater selection tool will guarantee the right ticket. Click here for price lists: Prices for single and daily tickets, prices for monthly tickets. At http://ratzfatz.swk.de (mobile only), you can now easily pay for tickets using your smartphone.

Ist Krefeld eine Stadt zum Shoppen?

The city centre is an ideal destination for relaxed shopping. On many weekends in the year, events such as “Shopping by Candlelight” provide a special atmosphere. But outside the city centre, there are also opportunities for impulse buys at beautiful boutiques and small independent shops.

For number crunchers

200 sports clubs

6,2 km Rhine riverside

8 museums

Für Besserwisser

  • The beer garden in the Stadtwald park has been named "Germany's most beautiful beer garden" for several years.
  • With 4 European Cup participants within 80 km, the region is a mecca for German football.
  • The Krefeld Zoo is home to about 1,000 larger animals and 170 different species.
  • The nearby designer outlet in Roermond in the Netherlands is the largest in Europe.
  • The beach handball tournament next to the lake at Elfrather See is now the largest in Europe.
  • More than 100 years ago, the Krefeld confectioner Hermann Wilms invented the semi-frozen Grillage Torte cake.
  • 900 dealers sell antiques and curios at the annual Kitsch, Kunst & Co. market on Sprödentalplatz.
  • Mediothek Krefeld has a collection of 176,000 media items such as books, DVDs and much more.